7 Causes Of Chinese Evergreen Leaves Curling (And How to Fix Them)

7 Causes Of Chinese Evergreen Leaves Curling (And How to Fix Them)

Homiful.com -- Chinese evergreen originating from the tropical forest of Asia have indirect light growth. This plant seems to be the hope of many people who have easy care and need to be considered. That these leaves can also roll, which most likely has a cause due to low humidity or temperature pressure. To find out the cause and how to treat it, check out the review below:


The cause of curly Chinese evergreen


The first thing that cause this plant to curl and curl is its low tolerance. Continuous sunlight can make the plant so that the leaves hang and curl. Proper nutrition can make plants more perfect and develop.

Treatment for plants that get too much sun


To restore the situation, you can place this Chinese Evergreen plant in an ideal shaded area with a windowless room. Also introduce artificial light from the most commonly found fluorescent lamps.

Temperature pressure


Then what causes Chinese evergreen plants to curl is temperatures stress which can inhibit growth, low germination rate and reduced photosynthesis. 

To treat this plant so that it is recover quickly, you can provide an average humidity level that can prevent the leaves of the plant from curling and drying. Group plants of different types and the same size to benefits your plants.

Low humidity level 


Because it is a tropical plant, you can increase soil fertility with even moisture. The drooping and curling caused by low humidity, so Chinese Evergreen, lose their moisture.

It takes the ideas' humidity to treat the reshuffles of the leaves that have curled. Increase the humidity when the plant has been placed indoors and place it in a larger bot.

Excessive fertilization


Any plant that gets over-fertilized will cause the balance to be out of order and instead cause the roots to crumble and rot. In addition, it will result in the plant leaves curling and turning brown.

Treatment you can avoid to use fertilizers during the winter or during the dry season, use fertilizers with a ratio of 3 : 1 : 2 once or 2 times a year.

Nutritional deficiency


The next is a plant that lacks nutrients that can change plant growth. Without nutrients, your plant's leaves will curl and show other symptoms.

Give a good treatment by adding organic fertilizers that can improve the soil, with right pH and slightly acidic soil suitable for Chinese evergreen.

Pests and diseases


Having Chinese evergreen plants needs to be cared for properly, otherwise these plants will get sick due to bacterial or watering that can make a foul odor. With the right treatment, you can adjust watering, giving fungicides or other drugs to improve the roots and leaves.

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