7 Cause Of a Hoya Has Problems (And Solution)

7 Cause Of a Hoya Not Growing (And Solution)

Homifiul.com -- Hoya is a beautiful ornamental plant with geometric flowers. The abundant leaves and flowers are very gracefully formed in clusters and often seem fake at first glance. The aroma that comes out is very pungent in the nose. This plant has common problem like any other plant. But to deal with the problem of Hoya plants, from the color of the yellow leaves to brown, wilted leaves and fallen flowers you can see in the following review:

Changing leaves


The first problem that occurs with Hoya plants is that the leaves that change from green look brown and yellow. Maybe this is one of the reasons the plants are not so happy. To overcome this, you can check the soil, the placement of plants that are too often overheated and lack of moisture.


Limp plant


Too much watering problem causes Hoya plants to limp and weaken. Maybe the plant will look drooping. You can overcome this problem by limiting watering and waiting for the water to dry to do watering. In addition, use insecticidal soap to eradicate pests.

Slow growth


Has the Hoya plant stopped growing? Usually this happens  during the winter, which makes it not grow as much as summer. You can try to give fertilizer to Hoya plants more extra. And keep it in a bright place to get some sunlight.

Hoya doesn't flower


If you have a Hoya and expect it to flower, give it time for flowering, which needs to wait about a year or two. You can be patient, waiting for plants that are too young to flower to maturity. It takes years for bungling. If you want it faster, you can place it in a bright area to get sunlight in a few hours.

Buds that fall before they bloom


After months of planting Hoya plants, you can see the beautiful flowers of the plants that will bloom  tomorrow, but you find the flowers fall before the buds bloom. This may be disappointing and can be remedied by watering as the soil begins to dry out. Since this plant likes slightly moist soil, you don't have to wait for the soil to dry out too much.

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