7 Best Succulent Dish Garden Design

7 Best Succulent Dish Garden Design

Homiful.com -- Garden dishes become one of the valuable assets that can be enjoyed more with partial experiments. This landscape concept from the desert will bring interesting inspiration to the view of the table, even a small corner in the house. Some creativity ideas you can create easily to enjoy the years with easy maintenance. You can see the idea in the review below:

 Garden of sweet succulent dishes

Ashley Harrison

This sweet idea was created easily. Even to get the concept of a house party, that can be one of the interesting ideas to try. This colorful rosette will easily captivate the eye. Combine it with several types and have a beautiful similar color.

Delicious Creeping Jenny

Diana Gordy

They give a new charm with a dangling shape down as well as beautiful flowers. Beautiful ideas for plants this dish will look different from others. Maybe some of these varieties are quite familiar to have, but not all know. Combine it with several types and have a beautiful similar color.

Arrange with an interesting groove

Janet Ferguson

Planting succulents for the dish plant is easy for you to do. The way, you can definitely prepare an interesting groove with a combination of succulents that are similar and different. Show interesting ideas without difficult stages, just simple enough, you can prepare a large planter with random succulents in it.

Weekend project with succulents

Norma Pastor

You can spend your weekend with a plant of valuable dishes. Echeveria which belongs to the type of succulent will fill your container or bowl with neat rows.

Dish plant spill feeding

Angie Simms

Create your dish garden project at home with eye-catching spilled succulents. Be careful with this arrangement, you can be sure to shed the entire succulent plant on the earthen evenly. Even the fusion of coral rocks will be very interesting to try.

Dress up this thick wall with dish succulent 

Stacy Jacobson Makerov

The best idea for this dish plant you can do at home by utilizing the type of succulent apples such as jade plant or other types that are green leaves. Give more level with an iron bed that can be associated in a brick wall like this.

Trailing succulent dish plants

Darasouk KaKun

Lastly, it can be the best plant dish to fill the room or exterior of the house. This idea will improve visual as well as addition landscaping without utilizing the vacant land.

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