7 Best Beautiful DIY Porch and Patio Decor Ideas

Homiful.com -- Don't let your porch and patio look empty! When decorated properly, porches and patios will increase the aesthetic value of your home. Not to mention functionally, well-conceived porches and patios will provide extra comfort and satisfaction when you are there with friends and family. 

No need to worry, here we present you 7 Best Beautiful DIY Porch and Patio Decor Ideas.

Lively porch with DIY flower containers


Do you like a more lively and lovely porch? You can adapt this porch design and ideas. Lay out a Mediterranean pattern rug in fiery red. Next, get creative by making pots or containers of flowers in bright colors. Plant various flower, and let them make the porch beautiful as ever.

Plant layout


Plant is such an easy-to-get decorations. Placing plants on porches and patios will also provide natural freshness. Arrange, in such a way, the plants that you put on the porch/patio. Place it on the side of a bench or patio sofa. Hang some to fill the vertical space. Ensure the plants do not hinder access and mobility.

DIY swing chair


Present something unique and different on your porch. One of them by making a swing chair like this. The swing chair will provide a unique and enjoyable sitting experience. Just make sure this chair hangs firmly on the frame above it. 

DIY string light


Surely, you want to be able to enjoy the summer evening at porch or patio. Thus, you need to install some lights to illuminate the night and not make the atmosphere of the night scary. In addition to the main light, consider installing a string light. A string light with the dim light can give a warm and romantic atmosphere at night.

DIY Lampshade


You can use your handiwork as decorating ideas for porches and patios. Place it in the right place. For example, installing a lampshade made from rattan crafts that you might try. This rattan lampshade gives a rustic vibe that goes well with the seating.

DIY hammock


In addition to the swing chair, you can make a hammock on the patio. Like chair swing, a small hammock chair provide an enjoyable sitting experience. The existence of a small hammock chair adds a relaxed impression to the patio. 

DIY pergola


By making a pergola or special frame, you can get a shady patio. For ease of installation, you can use wood to build a pergola. Furthermore, this area can be used as a special place to take care of your plants. Place some plants on the walls to fill the vertical space.

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