7 Beauty Pink Houseplants Must-Have

7 Beauty Pink Houseplants Must-Have

Homiful.com -- Having an ornamental plant with green leaves has indeed become common for many people to see, and the dressing is less valuable or even ordinary. This time, you can break the atmosphere of the garden or room with pink ornamental plants that can be a list of the main choice as an additional collection. With a cheerful pink color, you can get a positive impression directly that surprise. The list is in the following reviews:

Triostar Stromanthe


The type of calathea that has a beautiful color is triostar. This plant with green, white and pink leaves will fold at night like a wheeled hand plant. The plant has easy care and loves moderate light.

Echeveria Nodulosa


Next is a succulent type with a beautiful leaf hue of charming pink color. This eye-catching succulent plant like most other plants that love water is not very often.

Agalaonema Pink Star


Aglaonema pink star is very tolerant of low light conditions, with easy maintenance. This plant is perfect for beginners, lovers of ornamental plants that used to grow wild in subtropical green forest such as Thailand, Indonesia and other states.

Pink Rubber tree


Rubber tree with leaves of strawberry color is a unique plant for the interior of the home. These more sensitive and light-requiring plants will quickly develop with proper care.

Pteris Crectia Albolineata


This easy red ornamental plant with purplish-pink leaves looks beautiful for a corner of the table at home. Long, slender leaves of pliers growing in groups in once container have easy care.

Saintpaulia Ionantha Variegata


This plant, which is almost similar to polka dot, has a heart leaf shape and is slightly oval with a predominance of dark green color and pink spots on the surface of the leaves. Beautiful flowers of pink color like flowers belongs to kalanchoe of small size.

Pink Polka dot plant


Fittonia or also known as the polka dot plant has green leaves that covered with red spots or veins easily on the entire leaf. Tropical plants that do not like dry will wither if they receive less moisture. Give more water, or you can place it on the terrarium.

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