7 Beautiful Hoya Varieties (Pictures, Types & Care Tips)

Homiful.com -- Hoya is a plant that has many types and unlike other plants, this hoya has different treatments for each type. There are several types that like a lot of watering, there are also those who like indirect full sun. So when you want to know the treatment, first you have to know the type of hoya you have. Some tips that you can pay attention to are related to root bound. Plant hoya in a comfortable pot so that it can absorb nutrients optimally.


 Hoya Burtoniae


The first type of hoya you can have in this house is the hoya burtoniae. This type looks beautiful with its small leaves that have a color combination. It would be very suitable to place this plant in a hanging because it can grow dangling.

Hoya Memoria


If you want to have a hoya variety that is easy to care for, this type can be a good choice for you. Just like the previous type, this plant will be very beautiful if it is hung in the room. And if cared for properly, this plant will have beautiful flowers.



Hoya Pachyclada


This plant is also one of the types of hoya that has easy maintenance. This plant can also be treated like a succulent in terms of care, which prefers full, indirect light and does not water when the soil is not dry.


Hoya Acuta


Hoya acuta has broad leaves and grows slowly. In this species, the leaves are attached to the main stem. For care, this plant likes room temperature, so it will be very suitable as a beautiful houseplant because some types have leaves that have color combinations.


Hoya Wayetii


This next type of hoya has the name Hoya wayetii with slender pointed leaves. This type likes treatments that require a lot of water, if there is a lack of water, the leaves will be easily damaged. For lighting, you can provide artificial light or indirect sunlight.



Hoya Sigilatis


Hoya sigilatis has a beautiful leaf shape that is slender and more elongated. On the leaves, it has a silver colored spot motif that makes it more charming. This plant is more prone to root rot, so pay attention to lighting and watering to keep the leaves, roots and stems healthy.

Hoya Retusa


Has small and elongated leaves resembling a cactus, this hoya also has care that requires low temperatures. At first, you may not be attracted by how it looks, but you will be fascinated when the flowers have grown. You can place it as a beautiful houseplant on the table.







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