7 Amazing Peace Lily Benefits Proven In Studies

 Homiful.com - The one of most popular houseplant, peace lily is suitable that be a part of your garden collection. With low maintenance, this houseplant perfect for busy people. Other way, this plant has many benefits that can make you feel cozy. Then, look these 7 Amazing Peace Lily Benefits Proven In Studies. Check it out!

Purifying Air


Indoor air can be as noxious as outdoor air. So, with various air pollutants presents at home, you can handle it with placing plant like peace lily at indoor. Peace lily known can help to purify air and absorb some pollutants.

Low Maintenance


Peace lily is perfect for busy people because it has low maintenance. This plant can grow without sunlight, that has mean can grow in bright indirect sunlight. And make watering the peace lily in once a week. Or you can be watering the peace lily when the soil feels dry.

Absorb the Acetone Vapors


Harmful vapors that come from alcohol and acetone can make adverse effects for healthy. To be known, acetone mostly found in nail polish remover, varnishes, paints, and rubbing alcohol. Then, to reduce the acetone vapors at home, you can put peace lily that has absorbing function.

Best Bedroom Plants


Placing plants at bedroom can increase sleep quality. Then, you can put peace lily at bedroom to take the benefit. Placed the peace lily at corner area, near bed, or other area at bedroom that you want. 

Safe Houseplant


Peace lily contains no toxic compound that is really harmful. It contains insoluble calcium oxalate. Chewing on its leaves can cause irritation in the throat and a burning sensation on the tongue. Then, you can grow it at indoor without worrying about your pets.

Help Reduce Stress Levels


Placing plants at indoor can increase the view. Other way, it gets benefit like make relax your soul after the busy day. You can put peace lily at living room or other room that can make reduce your stress.

Prevents Mildew Formation


Besides put peace lily at living room or bedroom area, you can put it at kitchen or bathroom. The aim by putting peace lily in high moisture to controlling the mildew that often found in high moisture area.

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