These Handy Tools Make Indoor Plants 'Healthier' Than Ever and Significantly Happier According to Reviews -- Getting interested in doing indoor gardening? Indoor gardening is not just putting plants in the house. It's also a way to grow and care for plants indoors, without you having to leave the house. To do indoor gardening, there are several handy tools that will make it easier for you. Some will even make your indoor plants healthier and happier than they were before. 

For you, here are These Handy Tools Make Indoor Plants 'Healthier' Than Ever and Significantly Happier According to Reviews.

1. Flexible tray


For those of you who live in apartments or do not have open land, indoor gardening is a good option. You can do maintenance to repot the plant, even on the table. Provide a special try to keep plants, soil and other tools from being scattered. You can choose the type of flexible try that can be folded, which is practical when used and  stored.

2. Moss pole


Moss pole will come in handy. This tool is useful for supporting climbing plants, such as pothos plant or monstera. This will help the plant grow upward rather than spreading all over the place. Plants that grow upright on a moss pole can be the main attraction in your indoor garden. 

3. Hand Trowel


A hand trowel is a must-have tool for every gardener as well as indoor gardener. This tool is essential to do the work of seeding, weeding planting, potting and more. Cyclonetools hand trowels made of stainless steel and helps work with plants faster. 

4. Pruner


Make sure you have a pruner for pruning, trimming stems and dead spots on plants. Choose a pruner with good quality. The bad pruner will make the cutting quality poor, even the cutting stems will crush and torn. 

5. Spray Bottle/Mister


In addition to the watering can, you also need a mister or spray bottle. This is good for indoor plants that like daily misting, rather than regular watering use a watering can. You can use the fancy plant sprayer from SESAMFRÖN with clear glass material that makes it easy to practically spray favorite plants and flowers. 

Grow light


Not all indoor gardeners require grow light, it will depend of the climate and where you live. If you plants need a lot of light to grow, and your house doesn't have it, then use grow light to support the growth of indoor plants. 

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