Snake Plant Propagation: 7 Ways to Grow Snake Plant Cuttings

Snake Plant Propagation: 7 Ways to Grow Snake Plant Cuttings -- There are many ways to grow snake plants among lovers of ornamental plants easily. One of them is a fairly popular and easy way you do is by dividing leaf cuttings. The right method you do to multiply snake plants in a fairly fast time. Although it takes time, but it is also not difficult to do. To learn more about the review, below:

Reasons to spread snake plants and when is the right time


Because the snake plant is believed to be an air purifying plant in the room, so it is very appropriate if you multiply this plant. Maybe you need to know in advance the right time to grow snake plants at home. Spring and summer are the best times to spread it indoors.

Soil mixture used and important things to know


To spread snake plants, you can use the best soil with a light mixture that has been aerated well. The mixture of such soil is pumice, perlite and others.

Keep in mind also, when going to prune snake plants you make sure to use clean and sharp tool pruning, because the snake plant has thick and fleshy leaves.

The size of the cuttings of the leaves of the snake plant


To start the propagation of snake plants, you can cut a little more than the initial cutting. You can cut an inch or two above the ground line. Cut with a V shape that will make it easier for the roots to grow.

Let the leaves recover

After cutting the leaves of the snake plant into pieces, you need to let the ends heel to get air before the planting period to prevent possible rotting. Do not forget to place in shady areas and not in the sun for a long time.

The right place to place snake plant cuttings


Window sills are a great place to give them a bright spot. Or in the area near the kitchen also includes a part of the room that can receive a lot of indirect bright light. If exposed to a lot of sun, this plant will be flammable and vice versa, if the lack of light will make the plant grow dwarf and weakened.

How to maintain snake plant cuttings


Maybe you will be excited when you will grow snake plant by way of these leaf cuttings. Adjust the size on a small pot. Choose the right type of soil and growing conditions. At least water for 3 - 7 days after the initial planting period until is likely to be healthy and new roots have appeared.

What to do when the cuttings have grown roots


You need to wait a long time to get new roots when using this leaf cuttings method. It takes at least 3 months to get a new baby and rhizomes that grow a lot around it.

When the plant has begun to grow tall. You can leave it in the pot or put it in a larger pot.

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