Reason Why Peace Lilies May Not Bloom

7 Reason Why Peace Lilies May Not Bloom -- Peace lilies become an attractive ornamental plant and are highly valued for their beautiful blooming with white color. Some people love this plant with easy care and problems that are easy to fix. Maybe several times you will detect this plant does not flower and bloom for a long tome. To solve the problem, you can read a brief review below:

Age of the plant


As we age, the plant will stop production. This applies not only to humans, but also to plants. Peace lilies become one of the plants that include it will be difficult to bloom when their age has reached a lifetime.

Lack of eating nutrients


All plants need nutrients, including this peace lilies plant. Plants that may lack food very easily cause a lack of flowers to grow and bloom in time, during spring and summer, you can provide a balanced fertilizer at least once every three weeks.

 Low light


Peace lilies that do not get light intake become the most common cause felt by lovers of this plant. To provide good lighting on this plant, you can use a light gauge. This way will be easy in the arrangement of light to the level of soil moisture that needs to be obtained.

The right temperature


Including temperature, lilies also need the right temperature that can allow the blooming of flowers or not. Temperatures below about 65 degrees Fahrenheit will inhibit flowering. Avoid places near doors or thresholds.

Seasonal time


You can't expect peace lilies to bloom all month in round, even every season. Since these plants are seasonal plants, you can see them blooming between February and September. If October and January do not bloom, you may need to wail until spring arrives.

Improper watering


Even important factors such as watering are often overlooked to grow lilies to bloom quickly. Excessive watering will also overload the plant from above to its roots that are likely to root.

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