Landscape Improvements - Flower Bed Edging Ideas -- You have nothing to lose when doing landscape upgrades. Landscape improvements have a significant impact on curb appeal, even the value of your home property. There are many ways to do landscape improvement. One of them is by maximizing your garden or yard, by making flower bed edging. The flowers on the edge will give beautiful and pleasant atmosphere to your landscape. For more ideas, keep reading for Landscape Improvements - Flower Bed Edging Ideas.

Tulips flower bed edge ideas


Luckily, for those of you who live where tulips can grow in the yard. You can grow them as flower bed edging ideas. Grow different colors of tulips to make them lively and lovely. The edge of the flower bed uses a board or small wooden block, so its growth is neater. 

Curved edges for flower beds

Green and Vibrant

Adding a contorted shape in the garden will add to the uniqueness and dynamism of the garden. You can plant the edge after paver with lush flowers, to form a flower bed that blooms beautifully. Two colors of flowers, white and purple, are enough to brighten up the garden. 

Tulips in the landscape


Another flower bed edging design using tulips. These flowers can grow taller and be an attention seeker to your landscaping garden. You can grow tulips with shrubs in flower bed-style, to give a more interesting composition. 

Flower beds on the edge of the pathways 

Karen Antalek

Make your pathways more charming by designing flower bed edging on that. Pick low flowers, such as hardy geranium flower, dianthus, bellflower, creeping phlox and more. Choosing one type of plant, but with a variety of colorful petals, will make it easier for you to care for the flower bed on the edge of the pathway.

Flower bed on the edge of the garden stairs

Maria Cecilia Antunes

Adding flower bed on the garden stairs, make the stairs twice more beautiful and attractive. These flowers make the landscape more colorful, far from being arid and boring. Simply, these flower bed edging also functions as a garden stairs  railing.

Stunning winding flower beds


Flower bed edging adds dynamism to the garden. It is also a great way to liven up the garden with beautiful shapes and flowers. You can combine tulips in the middle of Forget Me Not flowers. These arrangements will make such a stunning flower bed edging. 

Fill the edges with flower beds

Filling the edge of the garden with flower beds does require a little effort at firs. You have to make sure the flowers grow well without going out of bounds. If this works, the flower bed will create a visual barrier between the yard and the garden, which is so beautiful. 

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