How to Propagate Calathea Plants

How to Propagate Calathea Plants -- Maybe to grow plants, you do not know how the right stages so that the plant can still grow and flower at the right time. One of them is for this calathea plant that you may only know the type and characteristics of each type without knowing how the propagation method to spread the calathea plant. Some steps you can see in the review below:


It is important to spread calathea


Calathea plants have a way of spreading that is not so easy as other plants. This plant can be propagated by means of cleavage, you can cut and adult plant in half with both sides that already have many roots and leaves.

Can calathea be propagated?


To find out whether calathea can be propagated, professionally it can be. Some varieties need shade to trigger rooting and became a healthy new plant.


Calathea plants are unlike other popular ornamental plants that are easily propagated by taking cuttings. To multiply this plant, you can use the division technique, which is the most popular way to multiply plants and is easy to do.

Can calathea grow in water or soil?

This plant cannot thrive purely in water although for propagation, it can grow well in the soil to ensure the roots do not dry out or becomes inundated and rot. To do the division, you do not need to put this plant into the water.

How to spread calathea


To divide the calathea, you need to make special cuts to form a moisture chamber and nourish the condition of the new plant. Choose a healthy adult plant and its size is just right for division.

You can do several stages, such as placing in a medium-sized container that has been filled with stacked soil.

Post-propagation care of plants


It's time for you to take care of plants that have been divide into several parts by placing in warm and moist areas for several weeks. Avoid high light and switch to a consequential low light. Do not water excessively, which will make the planting worse and the roots rot.

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