How to Grow Pothos Plant Easily in Water

How to Grow Pothos Plant Easily in Water -- As an ornamental plant that has easy care, pothos plant grows vines with unique leaf shape and beautiful patterns. This variety of plants has easy growth even if planted in water. To grow it easily and quickly in water, you can take a quick look at the following reviews:

How to grow pothos plants in water


You can start growing pothos plants in water, you need to prepare clean glass and make sure to fill it with clean water. Apply a small amount of liquid fertilizer, prune root crops and lower 1 - 2 plant stems in water and make sure to place them on the windowsill of the house.

Things to need when growing pothos plants in water


When you want to grow a pothos plant in water, you need to need indirect light with the addition of fertilizer to grow productively and grow properly. Store in a room that has indirect light, so that the color of the leaves remains perfect according to the type.

Fertilizer pothos plants in water


Because it grows in water, you can provide a liquid fertilizer nutrient that you put in a container every 4 to 6 weeks. Do not give too much fertilizer so that the plant does not turn into poison and die. Change the water on pothos plants every 2 -3 times a week. And use clear containers to control water cleanliness, water quality and proper water level.

How long does it take for pothos to take root in water


To grow pothos plant roots in water, you can wait about 7 - 14 days or more. Place the cuttings in the soil once are one to 2 inches long, which can allow them to grow in water alone. Fertilize pothos plant that have grown in water every 4 to 6 weeks.

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