How to Grow Jade Plants Into a Tree in a Room that Looks Satisfactory

How to Grow Jade Plants Into a Tree in a Room that Looks Satisfactory -- Jade plants are succulent ornamental plants that look tough to grow indoors that are able to live for a long time with proper care. Although this plant is succulent, did you know that this jade plant can grow into a tree? To grow it, you can do some treatment with proper care so that it can grow like a tree in general. Some guidelines, check out the review below:

 How to grow jade plants into trees

Check Jade plants


The first thing you can do to grow a jade plant into a tree is that you need to choose the jade plant appropriately. Think of plant branches that can grow in all directions so as not to look bad and produce some beautiful shapes.

Prune unnecessary plant branches


Once you have chosen the right jade plant, it's time to prune the plant regularly to blend in good new growth. Remove branches that lead to the bottom, that can help growth look like a tree. Leave the higher leaves of the branches, trim all side of the jade plant, and keep checking the front.

Fertilize plants


To grow jade plants into a tree, you need to provide fertilizer regularly when watering is done. The provision of this fertilizer will make rapid growth in jade plants until they grow into trees as desired,

Place jade plants in ventilated spaces


After finishing forming the jade plant and also doing proper fertilization, it's time for you to move the plant into a room that can receive air and sunlight. Elements of light and sunlight that can accelerate the formation of branches and also grow jade plants into trees.

Jade plant care


- Jade plant care, you can give at least 6 hours of sunlight every day.

- Nest is the best plant temperature in the room around 18 - 24 degrees Celsius, but in winter it drops to 13 degrees Celsius.


- Irrigation is really an important thing that cannot be left to grow any plant. In spring and summer, jade plants need more water than at any other time. However, in autumn and winter, this plant does not hunt down many areas because it may not be so active.


Do repotting jade plants that have been objecting to roots in small size pots. At least do this once every 2 to 3 years to encourage new growth and provide early spring transplants.

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