How Learn to Propagate Monstera Deliciosa from Cutting

How Learn to Propagate Monstera Deliciosa from Cutting -- Monstera Deliciosa is known as a beautiful plant that helps the room even your garden more stunning. Monstera Deliciosa plant is in great demand because of its easy care and also easy growth preparations to do. This plant grow in the tropics with long air roots, you can grow it easily planted or in other ways. To multiply this plant with cutting, see some discussions below:

How to spread Monstera Deliciosa from cutting

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This lush tropical plant is a timeless plant. You can start with roots that need to be watered first before placing in the soil. Take the know and remove the bottom leaf, then transfer it to the pot directly because they will easily grow new roots and do not need rooting hormones.

The right time to multiply the cuttings of Monstera Deliciosa


An important time to spread Monstera Deliciosa is when the growing season is active. Such as summer, spring and autumns that work well for plant propagation. Because this plant comes from the rainforest. So it is enough to nudge a little summer heat and humidity.

Monstera stem retrieval


When you start spreading Monstera Deliciosa plants in the water. You can multiply with any root  of this plant. Cut a little part of the stem without this extra jazz.

Plant monstera cuttings


Transplant new pieces of monstera deliciosa into the roots of the soil and use well-flowing soil and water. Even when you choose to remove this plant from its original place, it will also succeed in multiplying monstera in the ground.

How to grow Monstera plants in water


Proper cutting for the propagation of water can start from several leaves. Take some parts of the stem to put in a jar of water. Change the water once a week or not it will become cloudy. Place it on a window sill that gets enough light and is not excessive.

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