Houseplants to Boost Well-Being

Houseplants to Boost Well-Being -- Decorated plants need to be exhibited to enhance the visual of a beautiful and attractive space. Healthy plants will make their owners happier, unexpectedly can also improve the circulation of air that is getting cleaner. Strong reason to trust ornamental plants as plants that can improve fitness and overall health, you can see some list below:


ZZ plant

Plants that are not only beautiful to fill the room also have other health benefits. As medicine for diarrhea, digestion, antibacterial, antidote to free radicals and others. But you also need to be careful, even though this plant has health benefits, because it can cause itching to rashes on the skin.

Aloe Vera


Aloe vera plant is a very beautiful ornamental plant and has many advantages for everything. As medicines, cosmetics ingredient and also as an ornamental plant that can purify the air in the room. This plant will be very interesting if it is placed in bright but indirect sunlight.

Boston fern


Boston fern is very beautiful, so indoor plants with low-light room conditions. A plant that you can put anywhere will not even reduce the beauty of the room. Plant with other advantages that can increase the freshness of the room, and are plants are not toxic to pets and humans, so you can put them on the floor.



Not only as an ornamental plant that will make the room more beautiful. This plant is able to remove pollutants from the room. Even so, this plant is also poisonous to humans and pets. With proper care, this plant will thrive even with a slightly low light.

Philodendron Micans


Plants that are easy to care for have many types of Philodendron micans. Plants that are believed to improve indoor air quality are effective for lowering indoor ozone. With low maintenance, you can make this plant a good choice for people who are less regular in watering.

English Ivy


The last ornamental plant is English Ivy, which is a good plant to lower carbon dioxide and formaldehyde levels. This plant can filter VOC such as benzene, xylene and toluene to reduce mold. Since this plant is poisonous, pay attention if your pet approaches it.

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