Home Design Ideas With Rainbow Shades, Make The Mood Cheerful

Homiful.com -- The choice of colors to be applied in the house is important because each color has its own benefits both for the appearance of the house and philosophically itself. One of the interesting color concepts to apply is rainbow. The touch of a rainbow that is applied to several rooms in the house is believed to provide a happy and cheerful atmosphere for the residents. For designs that you can imitate the concept of, see the following reviews about Home Design Ideas With Rainbow Shades, Make The Mood Cheerful.


Living room design

Has a room that is not too wide, this living room, is equipped with a sofa and floor carpet that makes the room feel spacious and has maximum capacity. Not only that, the transparent window design, is made with a large size to be able to give a broad impression and maximum lighting in a minimalist room.

Dining room design

Switching to the dining room, has the same concept by applying large windows and doors to make it look more open and feel spacious. The application of the rainbow color looks attractive with a touch of monochrome with a wave pattern at several angles. This room, is also equipped with pothos plants that hang beautifully.

Kitchen design

The existence of the kitchen adjacent to the dining room, making it still possible to feel the freshness of the vines of pothos. The selection of this pothos plant will be very appropriate for the kitchen, because it can naturally be a reliable air purifier, considering that many activities in the kitchen produce smoke that disturbs the air in the room. This kitchen is also more dominant with a white interior so that it has a broad and neat impression. The rainbow touch still looks used on the floor carpet.



Child's bedroom design

Applying a variety of colors in a child's bedroom can help his imagination grow. That's why this bedroom design is the right idea for you to imitate. In order not to be too monotonous and feel boring, the use of a white base color, was chosen as a component to balance this colorful room.



Additional basket for storage

Attractive attention comes from the neat arrangement of the house with colorful interiors. One of the things that can be done to make a neat room arrangement is to add a basket to store various items according to categorize to make it easier to find. To maximize its appearance, the selection of baskets with rainbow colors, was chosen appropriately in this house.



Colorful wall decoration

Not only in the arrangement, this house also feels more beautiful with colorful decorations. The wall decorations in this room look neat by being displayed on frames of various sizes. Not only from the wall decorations, this room also feels varied with the addition of plants around it.



Bathroom design

The last part owned by this house is the bathroom. With the hallway leading to the bathroom, so you don't get bored while waiting in line, an additional small stool, was added complete with cushions. There are also plants that are between the entrance to the bathroom to be the right air purifier for the surrounding area. The selection of plants also needs to be considered so that they continue to grow well in humid air.






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