Easy to Grow Pothos Plants in Water

Easy to Grow Pothos Plants in Water

Homiful.com -- Can pothos plants grow in water? The fact is that to grow pothos plants do not have to use soil media, but with water media. The most common variety of pothos is golden pothos with a golden, cream color that will make the finished plant stand out in some rooms. Since this plant is easiest to propagate growing in water, you can learn its propagation with water in the review below:

 Tips for growing pothos easily and quickly


Perhaps if  rethought, planting pothos makes less sense to do. However, this can be something extraordinary and easily controlled. Propagation of plants with water media does not need to take effort. You do not need a pump, special fertilizer or drainage hole used. In this way, pothos will grow quickly and easily to manage and free up a fresher controlled room.

Materials needed to grow pothos in water


Keep in mind that growing plants in water takes time, as well as their water and nutrient needs. In addition, you can prepare some ingredients for planting pohtos in water. That is, water containers or can use glass jars, tap water and liquid fertilizers to improve plant nutrition.

How to spread pothos in water


After preparing everything, you can plant pothos in water. Firs, take a healthy plant and avoid a yellow-brown color. Cut into pieces and remove all the leaves under the knot. Place the piece in a vase filled with water, at least 2 to 3 segments of pothos pieces submerged in water.

How long is root growth in water


When you choose to grow pothos plants in water, you can be patients to wait for the growth of new roots for about 7 - 14 days. This plant will grow roots about 1 t0 2 inches long. Provide nutrients regularly and place the pothos on the windowsill and change the water once a week to make sure the plant is fresher.

Keeping pothos plants alive in water


1. The first attempt is to replace the water in the container once a week so that the plants gets oxygen properly.


2. Give liquid fertilizer to pothos to grow new roots.


3. Keep the plant container clean, you can move the jar again by washing it periodically.

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