Best Kitchen and Living Area You Might Consider -- There are various interior concepts and styles that can be applied in your home. If you like, the interior looks simple, but cozy and fresh. Maybe this review will be a good reference for you. At first glance, natural wood elements with the concept of flexibility, make the layout of this house worthy of appreciation. 

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Beautiful and fresh living room

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This living room incorporates a natural vibe and personality around the room. The use of wooden floors and wooden log wall background give a rustic and cozy atmosphere to the room. The window sill is used as a special spot for the beautiful orchids. 

A touch of personality comes from the memorable photo on the walls that provide personal warmth. No more plain and boring living room with a splash of yellow and blue that comes from the sofa.

Let natural light in optimally

A dining area that feels spacious and airy feels better than a small and cramped room. Expand the dining area by placing it around the glass windows overlooking the garden. You get a view of the vast green garden when eat here. The glass windows allow natural light to enter optimally in the room. Make the dining area bright and warm.

Best decoration for small dining area

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The dining area which only has a table and chairs feels less pleasant. Make it more meaningful by giving it a decorative touch. Set the mood by installing pendant lighting above the dining table. Placing the beautiful orchid will also beautify the small dining area.

Open kitchen with good arrangement

You can pick the U-shaped kitchen layout for the open kitchen design. One side of the countertop can be a multifunctional table, as a small bar table and a barrier between the kitchen and other areas. It is a smart idea to choose a cabinet in white with a wooden countertop. This gives the impression of a simple, elegant kitchen.

Eliminating the upper cabinet

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The installation of the upper cabinet does not have to fill the kitchen wall completely. One wall without a top cabinet will make the kitchen look spacious. You can fill this wall with plant or flower decorations to give a freshly beautiful kitchen. Moreover, if you install a window in the sink area. Windows will keep the kitchen bright, dry and mold free.

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