Best Houseplants That Need Zero Sunlight -- At this time, many people choose plants as room decorations that can provide fresh air and a cool green view. However, usually many people don't pay attention to their care, including the need for sunlight. For those of you who want plants to be fully in a house with minimal light, some of these plants can be an option because they can survive even without light. For some inspiration, see the following review of Best Houseplants That Need Zero Sunlight.

Spider plant


This spider plant is one of the plants that is resistant to minimal light. This plant, is much liked because it has planteets that will be very beautiful when placed in a higher area or hung in a certain room in the house. The thing you need to know about this plant is that it is easy to care for and adapt, making it suitable for beginners.



Snake plant


The next plant that you can have with minimal lighting is the snake plant. This plant, is widely owned because it is more flexible to be placed anywhere in the house, its thick stem also makes it not pollute the house. One of the rooms that you can decorate with a snake plant is the bedroom, because it can clean the air and make rest more quality.

Zz plant


Next, a plant that you can have without lighting is a zz plant. This plant is generally tolerant of minimal to no light, so it will be very suitable if you have a busy time, you can leave it in a room with occasional artificial light such as lamps.



Peace Lily


Peace lily is one of the useful houseplants to clean the room from dirty air. In addition to the bedroom, this peace lily, is also widely placed in bathrooms, which basically have minimal lighting with humid temperatures. This plant, is also known for its easy maintenance and is suitable for those of you who cannot pay attention to it intensely.



The last plant option you can have with minimal to no light is monstera. In addition, this monstera can also thrive in almost any light condition you place it in. But some people rarely know this and want to have this plant because of the uniqueness of the leaves.




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