7 Stunning Philodendron Varieties You Need to Know About

Homiful.com -- If you like caring for and collecting houseplants, you certainly can't miss the philodendron plant. Philodendron comes from the Greek, with the word 'philo' which means love and 'dendron' which means tree. Yes, you could say this is a love tree. Even so, philodendron plants don't just have heart-shaped leaves. This plant has various varieties with various shape and colors, which will beautify your home and garden.  

Find out about the most stunning philodendron on 7 Stunning Philodendron Varieties You Need to Know About.

Philodendron Verrucosum


Philodendron verrucosum has a very striking green leaf shape and color. With heart-shaped leaves in varying shades of green, from dark green to light green. This plant looks more exotic with leaf bones that are clearly visible with a color that contrast with its green leaves. It is also a hemiepiphyte climbing plant.

Philodendron Xanadu


Not heart-shaped, xanadu plants have 'toothed' foliage that grows out wide rather than vertically. This plant looks more attractive when grown outdoors, with a unique leaf shape. Even so, you can still grow them indoors. Don't over-watering the plant as it will make the plant grow unwell. 

Philodendron Prince of Orange


Not always in green. This type of philodendron has leaves in different color variations, even on one plant. The leaves are a pretty neon green, with young leaves in a bright orange hue in the center. As the name implies, Prince of orange will easily attract attention anywhere you placed it.

Philodendron Squamiferum


Philodendron squamiferum has leaves with five lobus. This plant tends to have a climbing habit. The plant grow well in a humid environment. It prefers a spot with indirect, filtered sunlight. Move it to a suitable spot when the leaves start to turn to dry out or yellow. 

Big Philodendron Plowmanii


Make this 'philodendron plowmanii' as the big statement in your home. It has large heart-shaped green leaves with a silvery tint to the leaves as if they were artificially 'painted'. This plant can look shiny and luxurious, if you also take care of the leaves optimally. 

Philodendron White Knight


This is a well-known philodendron variety and a favorite of many. The price tends to be expensive, but it's really worth to get. The leaves have a naturally half white strip. However, philodendron white knight can not live big like other philo plants. 

Philodendron Majesty


Philodendron majesty gives off elegant blackness. It is a rare variety of philodendron plant. It has unique color that are sure to be an eye-stopper, anywhere you put it. The plant prefer partial shade. The philo majesty provide you a tropical vibe, but still it is a toxic plant for pets and kids.

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