7 Smart Indoor Plant Arrangement Ideas

Homiful.com -- Running out of ideas for organizing your indoor plant collection? Well, we have a solution for that. We've collected unique and interesting ways for arranging and displaying houseplants. The right arrangement will make the plant look more stand out, even the mainstream and easy-to-get plant will make your living space more stunning. So, for you, here are 7 Smart Indoor Plant Arrangement Ideas.

Vivid green wall


Plants can indeed be a living decoration in your home. They will provide clean air and freshness of view. In addition to putting around the seat, empty walls you can use as a showcase of your plant collection. Firmly attach the potted plants on the walls. This arrangement is perfect for plants that can grow love shade or indirect light.

Eye-catching heart-shaped shelf


Make anyone feel the joy of caring for plants by arranging your plants in a heart-shaped shelf like this. This shelf features a multilevel wooden place-mat that can display the plant optimally. The top is  perfect for hanging plants with beautifully dangling leaves. 

Unique propagation station and plant display


In addition to floor arrangement, vertical spatial planning, especially walls, is the best way to display plants. You can adapt this unique and interesting arrangement design. With interconnected metal pipes and wooden shelves as a place to put propagation plants in water media  and green plant in pots.

Sleek stacking shelf before the hallway


You can use the empty-space before the hallway for a place to arrange indoor plants. Just place a sleek metal shelf in a white color that matches the walls. Then place your indoor plants on the shelf. The white background will make the green leaves of the plant stand out beautifully.

Simple yet attractive propagation station


Do you like doing water propagation on your plants? Try making a simple but attractive propagation station in your room. This image is one of the best examples. Here, you can grow a new plant from a single leaf and grow it in a test tube filled with clean, nutritious water to grow the roots.

Hanging on a tree trunk with macrame work


Hanging is a great plant arrangement idea for a type of plant with unique, lush foliage. This will make the vertical space more filled. You can hang plants in a rustic style. For example, making a strong tree  trunk into a rod to hang plants. Hang the plant with a macrame rope craft medium for an extraordinary look. 

Let the plants creep up the walls


Plants that have the habit of growing vines will be better arranged in such an arrangement. For example, you could place monstera and ivy on a hanging hexagonal shelf and let the leaves grow to creep up the wall. This will give the space a tropical and fresh vibe. Trim the foliage occasionally if leaf growth looks sloppy. 

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