7 Small Plants Ideas with Mini Pots

7 Small Plants Ideas with Mini Pots

Homiful.com -- Ornamental plants are plants that will bring bright colors into the room at home. Moreover, it is also very good for clearing air, so it provides the best oxygen when inhaled. In addition to being the perfect finishing touch to fill the void with the corner of the room, plants have many choices that you can place in most of your space. Whether the size is large or small, it will still be sweet as a resident of the table or window sill. Small indoor plants ideas for the room in the house you can see in the review below:

Money Tree Pachira


Pachira Aquatica is an ornamental plant that is also referred to as the money tree. This plant has many slender stems, sometimes looking like a fat bonsai tree. This money tree is about  60 feet tall in its natural habitat.

Chinese Money Plant


This cute plant with a small size is known as a Chinese Money plant. Round, beautiful leaves with a layer of wax on the outer layer is much an ornamental plant that deserves to be loved by many people. This plant is relatively easy to propagate by many methods.

Philodendron Micans


Of other of Philodendron, Philodendron Micans are interesting enough to fill small pot sizes. The shape of the leaves is similar to other types, but has distinctly different color. Dominant with a green color and a little maroon red on some parts of the leaves.

Snake Plant


Next is a moonshine snake plant with slightly wide and dwarf leaves. This snake plant is believed to have a great influence on the home environment that can clean the air and pollutant liberators. Due to easy to care, this plant either grows in pots or directly in the ground.



This beautiful plant with multicolored leaves is known for its awesome charm. Begonia is reflected in the color of leaves, flowers and its size is quite large. This plant also has easy care, even if you do the propagation with stem cuttings and directly planted in the ground.



The last is the cactus with the easiest care. You can choose this plant with small size and place it in a  mini pot like this. Will be a beautiful room sweetener, you can store in the corner of the room or on the table.



Kalanchoe is a flower plant known for its beautiful blooms. This plant that comes from the succulent family has easy care and loves dry soil, good drainage. New shoots will grow on the edges of the leaves for some types of kalanchoe.

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