7 Small Patio Garden Ideas

Homiful.com -- Patio, an outdoor space or paved courtyard, can be a cheap, close and pleasant recreation area. Design a patio adjoining the dwelling with a patio garden model. Patio garden will provide freshness and fun of cool outdoor space to spend time there. Struggling with a small patio space? We've gathered 7 Small Patio Garden Ideas, just for you. 

Unique patio garden with pebbles


A paved courtyard can appear more than usual. You can try this patio garden design. The paved courtyard is then lined with a combination of wooden deck floors and pebbles to provide a great patio garden visual. Add some potted plants around the patio, so you can always feel the fresh garden vibe. 

Bring contrast and dim lights


Incorporating rocks is a unique and affordable way to create an eye-catching patio garden. White and black stones scattered on the patio land will display a beautiful natural contrast. To make the patio not spooky at night, you can install string lights with dim light. 

Add plants for the small patio garden


No garden is complete without plants, including patio gardens. Add some plants to liven up the garden atmosphere naturally. You can grow vines on the wall, put potted-plants and hang artificial plants or flowers that dangle beautifully. A patio garden will be a great place for you to enjoy the beauty of your houseplants. 

Bring a pair of sleek chairs


Consider putting a seating on your patio garden. Seating will allow you to relax outside the house. A small patio area fit perfectly with a pair of sleek and moveable chairs like this one. The chairs made of rattan, which blends naturally with tropical greenery around the patio. 

Present a small water feature


If it's more than enough, you can make a small, fresh corner in the style of a zen garden like this. In addition to the plants and rock yard, there are features of water pond. The water feature will certainly add coolness to the patio garden. 

Rustic patio garden design ideas


Create a small thematic patio garden. The rustic theme will make your patio garden more attractive. Exposed red brick walls, with a  worn wood palette and colorful flowers, bring you an interesting view. Place a set of outdoor chairs for you to enjoy an afternoon snack on the patio garden. 

Bring a table or cabinet


If the patio is also a place for you to take care of your plants, you might consider placing an outdoor table or cabinet. This table can be a place for you to store the outdoor furniture you need. That way, you don't have to go in and out of the house, when you have to pick up the necessary plantation equipment. 

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