7 Shower Plants to Turn Your Bathroom Into an Oasis. For pretty and good air filtration

Homiful.com -- Did you know, you can turn an ordinary bathroom into a tropical paradise bath? It's easy. You just need to put plants in the bathroom. However, there are some plant that indeed good to be placed in the bathroom. So, you should know that. Find out the bathroom plant and their arrangement in 7 Shower Plants to Turn Your Bathroom Into an Oasis.

Pick the plants that thrive in high humidity


An ordinary bathroom will be a jungle sanctuary for you, if you arrange it like this bathroom design. You will get a botanical bath by being surrounded by greenery. For the best, you can pick the plants that thrive in the high humidity. You can place the fern, spider plant and more. Putting orchids can also provide visual beauty. 

Choose the plants that tolerate moistness


The bathroom is the dampest place, for that you have to choose plants that are suitable for it. One of them is monstera. This plant has a unique and beautiful leaf shape. The green leaves match the natural brown nuances of the wooden furniture. 

Pink paradise bathroom with plants


Bring a pink paradise bathroom in your home. Pink painted walls are perfect for a bathroom plant background. Here, you can put a variety of plants, ranging from dieffenbachia plant (dumb cane), sansevieria plant, and devil's ivy (epipemnum aureum). 

Money tree plant for bathroom


Get a natural earthy bathroom. You can design a concrete and terracotta style to the bathroom. Place the plants as your bathroom decor. There, you can put a money tree plant (pachira aquatica). This plant has unique leaves and can grow tall to occupy vertical space. The plant naturally grow in partial shade, so it can live in the bathroom with a window. 

Green, oasis bathroom 


Turn your bathroom into an oasis, a place for you to relax by having a pleasant bath. You can design the bathroom in shades of green and dark gray, which seem cool and fresh. Complete it by placing tropical greenery, such as hanging ferns and monstera plants.

Devil's ivy for bathroom


Bathing with plants will offer you a unique experience. You can choose plants with beautiful dangling leaves, such as devil's ivy or golden pothos plants. This plant is perfect for a hanging basket. Just keep the plant away from the shower or water, so the leaves won't rot easily. 

Snake plants for bathroom


Snake plants are one of the best shower plant. This plant can tolerate low light and can thrive in high humidity. The snake plant will look so elegant in a terrazzo pot. It gives a beautiful contrast between the potted plant and a bathtub. 

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