7 Reason of a Hoya Not Growing (And Solution)

7 Reason of a Hoya Not Growing (And Solution)

Homiful.com -- Keeping ornamental plants is a pleasure to see them thrive and surprise their owners when they grow beautiful and mature. One of them is the Hoya plant, which is a beautiful plant and is in great demand by ornamental garden lovers. But there is one problem that you may regret when planting ornamental plants because they cannot grow. In this review, you can see some causes of the plants cannot grow and how to solve them. See the explanation below:

 Seasonal growth


Some of the common problems that can cause Hoya to stop growing are seasonal growths that naturally become semi-dormant during the winter. Seasons change due to changes in light, even if placed indoors. This plant is dormant with signs of leaf drop and stops growth until the new season.

Acclimatization time


Plants that after relocating and repotting like Hoya need some time to get used to all of it. No need to panic, this plant will look healthy and adjust to the situation easily. You can avoid moving plants from various places, there is no need to stimulate them with fertilizers because they do not like too many chemicals.

Improper lighting


Another factor that can prevent Hoya plants from growing is less than optimal light. Whereas the growth of this Hoya likes light with indirect even artificial light with proper control.

Poor drainage


Hoya growth will be slightly stunted if the soil moisture is too much. This will make the roots small and die from rot. To overcome this, you can provide watering only when the soil is dry.

Unsuitable container


After repotting and moving the Hoya into another pot. Root formation will of course produce new leaves. But using a container that is too large can also prevent Hoya from growing fast. You can choose the right size pot so that small roots don't mind being tied a little. In addition, a pot that is too large will overwater, which creates the risk of overwatering and takes a long time for the soil to dry.

Temperature is too cold


Hoya really likes warm temperatures during the day with a light dawn. So it's not wrong if Hoya's growth is stunted because the weather is cold, or it's been in cold temperatures for too long.

Wrong fertilization


Most plant stimulated with too much fertilizer will be backfired which can stunt plant growth, and chemicals in fertilizers can poison the soil.

To prevent this from happening, you can apply a mostly diluted fertilizer every 6 weeks during the growing season. Using 1/4 of the label recommendations, stop fertilizing during winter and the plant is dormant. And don't feed plants that don't grow in any season.

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