7 of the Most Beautiful Indoor Plants to Add to Your Collection


7 of the Most Beautiful Indoor Plants to Add to Your Collection

Homiful.com -- Ornamental plants are cheap and as much as you can provide attractive beauty into the room at home. Now, maybe you will look for some ornamental plants that enter the room with amazing charm and striking beautiful. If you want to know what the types of plants are, you can read the following review:



Nerve plant or fittonia is an ornamental plant with veined leaves and has a variety of colors. Looks beautiful with an adorable shape and really likes moist soil that is not too wet. Also, like bright light that can be conditioned well, this plant will shine when the conditions are right and bring joy.



Bromeliads are also known as friendship plants, with beautiful flower unions from their center. Flowers that can last up to 6 months, you can enjoy after the season. With beautiful flowers that bloom pink, it is very sweet to fill your room table.

Anthurium Andreanum 


Anthurium andreanum ir also commonly referred to as flamingo flowers has an exotic flower color and seems romantic. The shiny red heart shape flower with a straight yellowish-white horn in the middle is very beautiful to perfect the room. This type of anthurium can help eliminate air pollution at home.



Plumeria is a flower plant with a small tree that smells distinctive and fragrant. This plant has an even interest rate of four tasty strands. A variety of flower colors are very interesting for you to make ornamental plants in the room. This plumeria has slightly thick, shiny and gummy leaves.



Croton is an ornamental plant that if often found in home gardens or home gardens. This shrub plant has a varied shape and color of leaves. This plant has a green, yellow, orange, red to purple color. You can make this plant as an indoor plant or as a beautiful bedroom plant.

Calathea makoyana


Next is the calathea makoyana plant, which is a window plant that has complicated and colorful shades of leaves. Calathea makoyana leaves are quite thin with the bottom of the leaves with a purple color, easy green and look like a peacock.

Red aglaonema


The last ornamental plant is red aglaonema which is very popular with beautiful leaves that grow well indoors. This aglaonema has several types that you can make an option for lovers of ornamental plants that are often hunted by many people.

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