7 Indoor Plants that Can Grow in Direct Sunlight

7 Indoor Plants that Can Grow in Direct Sunlight

Homiful.com -- Adding greenery indoors sometimes has some problems that are difficult to overcome. One of the is the lighting factor of the space that needs to be main part to increase the growth and vitality of plants in order to be fertile and wellholes. There are possible ornamental plants that need to get the maximum sunlight that you can know of them in the review below:

Palm tree


This plant is a tropical plant that is very tolerant to the sun. Even if you place it indoors, this plant can still survive for some time with proper watering. Many types can be an option to fill the room at home with a smaller type or slim leafy like this.

Rubber plant 


This rubber plant is a beautiful greenery for the interior of a home. Plants can grow tall like this tree has some species. This type of ficus elastica has leaves with a waxy  coating that is shiny and can thrive indoors. Strong sun exposure also keeps this plant growing either when outside or indoors.

Boston Fern


Although this plant is a tropical plant that is in a dense forest, this Boston fern plant is also very fond of outdoor or indoor sunlight that is intern and rare. Plant growth will be more fertile if you  get sunlight intake according to its portion.

ZZ plant


ZZ plants are also indoor plants that love intense and rare sunlight. Oval leaves with a layer of wax will be shiny if placed in the sun. If the lack of sun, even this plant will have leaves that are not fresh green but like other types of variegate plants.

Snake plant


Room plants that are suitable for you to make the choice is the snake plant. This hard-resistant and easy-to-grow plant has  the shape of a spear leaf with a varied pattern. This strong plant grows well in direct sunlight you can place in a window facing west and also this has a high tolerance to low light.

Peace Lily


Next is the peace lilies plant, which is an air purifying plant in the room. Plants that are easy to grow in this garden are very tolerant to sunlight.



The last is Monstera which becomes the dream of ornamental plant lovers. Plants originating from tropical forest to adapt to grow indoors or in direct sunlight.

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