7 Indoor Plant that Won't Die Easily

7 Indoor Plant that Won't Die Easily

Homiful.com -- Finding plants that are easy to grow indoors is quite confusing for some people. Therefore, looking at the list of indoor plants needs to be multiplied so that you can easily find them. At least there are many types of plants in the room that you can put in the room at home. Besides being able to be a decoration, but also very useful to refresh the room and help restore the mind of the homeowner. These are some of these plants that are also difficult to kill.

Philodendron Pink Princess 


Philodendron pink princes plant is one of the indoor plants with easy care and amazing colors. Leaves with a wax coating on their beautiful luster.  Because it belongs to tropical plants that can grow indoors, it would be appropriate if this plant grows in the corner of the room to decorate the house.

Pinguicula Grandiflora


Pinguicula grandiflora is known for its large flowers, Butterworth, that originated in Europe. This small herbaceous shade of yellow green colors has beautiful flowers with a purple color. Grows on read bushes and peat bogs. This plant you can bring into the room to beautify the interior of the house. This plant is an interesting choice for the genetic variety in your garden collection.

Begonia Semperflorens


Begonia with white flowers will shine for the interior of the room at home all season round the season. Plants should be placed in a location shaded from the hot afternoon sun. This gorgeous blend of white, soft pink and red colors generally grows to about 12 inches tall.

Jasmine Plant


Jasmine plants are plants with flowers must be as bright as possible. Delicate flowers with this small shape will meet a very refreshing aroma. In addition to being a plant for the bed, this jasmine will thrive even in the room. With easy care, the plant thrives using sandy clay soil to regular watering.

Hobbit Jade Plant


The next indoor plant is very popular, with a dwarf shape. Growing in size from 10 to12 inches wide, this hobbit jade plant has fleshy green leaves with red tips and grows pink-white  in early winter.

Cactus Plant


The last is a cactus plant that has very easy care and high tolerance to indoors or outdoors. Cactus  can be a very aesthetic room decoration plant. Even in the dry state, this plant also remains lush and beautiful to look at.

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