7 Houseplants Tolerant of Over-Watering

Homiful.com -- Watering is important in houseplant care. We often hear, avoid over-watering plants. Yes, this can make the roots and plants rot faster, if the plant hate over-watering. We often discuss drought resistant plants, but you also need to know which plants can tolerate over-watering. Because, watering plants is the easiest and most fun thing to do, right? Find out in 7 Houseplants Tolerant of Over-Watering.

1. Boston Fern


Boston fern is one of the most popular houseplants. They are easy to grow and thrive in humidity or super damp environment as their natural habitat. You even have to mist the leaves if the weather is too dry. Make sure the roots never dry out to keep it healthy and happy.

2. Elephant's Ear


The majority of elephant's ear species come from the original habitat of the rain forest or tropical forest. They will grow well in moist soil. If the stalks start to drop, it's a sign that this plant needs water. This plant has heart-shaped leaves with a striking bony-leaf pattern among the greens. 

3. Baby's Tears


Don't imagine that baby's tears are a sensitive plant! This plant is fairly easy to care for. It has small and thin leaves with brittle stems. This plant will not die even when you over-water. As the baby's tears can't get enough moisture to keep them happy.

4. Cyperus


Cyperus has unique appearance with the grass-like shoots and umbrella-shaped buds. The cyperus plant have a natural habitat in the swamp, so it is impossible to die easily when you over-water it. You can place it in a pot or container filled with water.

5. Selaginella


Selaginella love humidity or most and damp environment. The soil should be kept moist at all times to keep it fresh. While still related to fern, this plant is suitable for making a terrarium. It can be used to cover the ground with these greenery leaves. 

6. Pitcher plant


Have you ever tried growing exotic plants? One of them is pitcher plants. It is a carnivorous plant. With leaves that resemble long tubes to trap small insects. This plant grows in wet environment, such as swamps. They will survive in excess water and need moderate to high soil moisture.

7. Lucky Bamboo


You've definitely seen lucky bamboo. This is a super easy plant for you to care for. In order not to be confused about the watering, you can even grow it in small pebbles filled with clean water.

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