7 Herb Gardening Secrets Only the Pros Know

Homiful.com -- Herb gardening has now become part of the lifestyle. This is one way to produce your own-food, especially for those of you who are a home chef. Herb gardening offers you practicality. When the herb in the kitchen runs out,  just pick the herb in the garden, and you're ready to flavor up the food. 

Before you actually realize herb gardening, you may need to know 7 Herb Gardening Secrets Only the Pros Know. That way, your herb grows fresh and beneficial to you.

Use starter plants


According to Debby Wolfie, a home gardener (Real Simple), you can begin by using a starter plant instead of planting from seeds. Planting seeds is indeed much cheaper, but they require special soil conditions to germinate and grow. Starting with a starter plant is a little cost more, but the chances of your herb growing successfully are higher. 

Plant what you need and keep it manageable


There are so many varieties of herbs. However, think about what herbs you really need, both for flavoring and garnishing food, for medical purposes. Especially, if you only have limited space, start by planting 2 or 3 herbs that you might use often. The more used, the more manageable your herb gardening will be.

Use well-drainage soil


Herbs like moist, well drainage soil. Some herbs don't like compost-rich soil or even wet soil. They will make the herbs grow badly or not even grow at all. 

A little fertilization


When planting herbs, give fertilization not too much. More fertilization will indeed make the leaves grow a lot, but with low quality. 

Location for herb garden

The location of the herb garden is something you may have to think about first. Most herbs like sunny spots, some herbs can even thrive with 6 or more hours in full sun. Place the herb gardening in a spot that is easy for you to see and pick up. If you consider indoor herb gardening, place the herbs in the bright light of a south-facing window.

Trim the leaves


Even if you don't need the herb for cooking, you should still trim the leaves. Pruning leaves will promote growth. That way, herbs will continue to grow healthy and happy.

Expand your knowledge


Each herb has its own characteristic and cultivation properties. Don't just stop at the beginning. Expand your knowledge about herb gardening to produce quality herb for your food, flavoring, medicine to perfume.

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