7 Fresh Decor Ideas with Snake Plant at Home

7 Fresh Decor Ideas with Snake Plant at Home


Homiful.com -- It seems that no one does not know the snake plant. Especially for lovers of ornamental plants, this becomes one of the great plants for decoration in every room. Because it belongs to the most easily maintained plant, this plant is also very impossible to kill by ignoring its watering. Below, there are some references to home decorating ideas using snake plant that are worth trying.

Plant with elegant white pots


This idea may be interesting for you to try at home. Using a white pot that looks elegant, and a type of snake plant, you can prepare to fill the corner with the room. This plant will provide sleek details with a stunning charm of green and yellow leaves.

Add stands


Give a support accent to make the snake plant higher. You can use standing or high-size wooden bench models. This row of snake plants will give a sweet effect on the corner of the room along with other extra plants that are easy to mix.

Celebrate with a different kind


You must like all kinds of snake plant that line up neatly in the house. And ignore the random selection of pots, you can blend in one elegant beautiful color with shades of black or gray.

Create several levels 


Space will not make your decorations look ruined. Although, it uses snake plants that are believed to be very good for beautifying the room. You can make a multilevel model with a low-size pot or a roster that is arranged periodically.

Snake plant for the feast


Isn't using ornamental plant decorations not necessarily for an empty room and not included at a certain moment only. This time you can use snake plants at party time that will enliven the atmosphere. This method will make the decoration more fresh and look natural.

Take advantage of the ladder space


Instead of being a place to go to, the 2nd floor. The stairs don't to seem empty and empty, right. Just try with snake plants that will perfect the look around. But you also do not have to close all the steps and fill them with snake plants. Makes sure to do this when the function ladder is no longer in use.

Good settings in one area


This idea will make you fascinated by arrangement. Snake plants in one area you can create easily using the same minimalist white pot. Choose each plant size to adjust the pot.

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