7 Flowering Vines to Add Beauty (and Privacy) to Your Backyard

Homiful.com -- Flowering vines will make a backyard or any yard look shady. You can use flowering vines as shade. Let it grow on the top frame of your pergola or roof. Vines can also be used as fence covers. A fence covered in flowering vines will definitely look prettier and give you the privacy you need.

If you are looking for flowering vines for your exterior features, here are 7 Flowering Vines to Add Beauty (and Privacy) to Your Backyard.



You must be familiar with this flowering vine, the bougainvillea. Bougainvillea is perfect for outdoor plants. You can plant it close to the pergola and let it grow lush on the top of your pergola. This vine need lots of sunlight to give you the colorful blooms you crave to your backyard.

Rangoon creeper


Rangoon creeper has red flower clusters that grow along the green leaves. The green and red combo give off a stunning look. You can grow this flowering vines as shade on top of pergola or gate. Rangoon creeper has sweet and fruity odor that will enchant you. 

Star Jasmine Vine


Beautify the entrance to the house with star jasmine vine. You can train this beautiful flowering vines to grow on a trellis. Star jasmine vine brings out such fragrant white flowers for one month of May. You can train and shape it like a beautiful gate to the house. 

Jacquemontia plant


Jacquementioa reclinata is a rare species of the flowering vines in the morning glory plant family. This plant is also known as the beach clustervine. The beautiful purplish blue flowers are the main attraction of this plant. This vine will grow happily over the fence. 



Wisteria flowering vine can bring magic into your backyard. This flowering vines will instantly upgrade your backyard. This vine has cascading flowers that are so unique in a beautiful purplish color. Wisteria likes full sunlight, that's why this plant is perfect as a shade in the backyard. 



Try growing thunbergia in your yard. This perennial vine can grow up to 2-8 meters tall. This plant can grow well on your fence to add privacy. The flowers are yellow, white, orange and red. They bloom in summer to fall and grows well in 10 to 11 (USDA).

Bauhinia Kockiana


Bauhinia kockiana is a beautiful flowering vine. The flowers are bright orange, which sweetens the appearance of the entrance fencing in the house.  You can prune after this plant flowers to encourage more branching and more flowers. 

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