7 Famous & Iconic Indoor Plants from Instagram

7 Famous & Iconic Indoor Plants from Instagram

Homiful.com -- Looking for the best idea is indeed Instagram, one of the most visited every day. Even sometimes, it can't be a second to open the Instagram homepage. Especially for lovers of ornamental plants,  Instagram is a great place to learn all kinds of new plants and proper gardening inspiration. Some collection is including indoor plants derived from Instagram, you can see the following reviews:


Hyacinthus Orientalis


The first plant is Hyacinth which includes a strong herbaceous plant, perennial with narrow rope-shaped leaves ad fragrant semi-flowers on the stalks. This plant will be easily eaten with soil rich in organic and insulate drought in the summer. Immediately put in the corner of the room to beautify the look of your home.



Peperomia is an indoor plant that has easy care and is very suitable for being a sweetener for the table of the room. Plants with a distinctive round leaf shape should be placed in a bright area that will easily catch sunlight indirectly. Because it likes water enough, this plant still has to maintain its moist soil so that growth is also fertile.

Snake plant and Pothos


Plants that are believed to be air purifiers are snake and pothos plants. So plants recommend NASA because it can remove pollutants in the room. It produces oxygen in the day and can improve sleep quality. Both of these plants you can put on the window sill of the house regularly and give a beautiful impression on the room.

Funky Ponytail Palm


This funky ponytail palm has a round stem shape, leaves like a ponytail that stick with charming proportions. This plant is actually not a palm tree, but closet to the lilies plant. Fairly easy care on this plant, you can place outdoors that can reach a height of up to 20 feet.

Monstera Deliciosa


Next is Monstera Deliciosa which is the ornamental plants of choice of many people. These large leaves with a green color grow elongated with short roots and stick to the stems of other plants. Plants from the tropical forest are known to be sturdy in all weathers, It is also very appropriate for the interior of the room.

Tradesantia Zebrina


This hanging plant is one of the most desirable for many people. Tradescantia Zebrina grows in tropical rainforest and wetlands. Bluish leaves with elongated lines on the upper surface of the purple color are very beautiful to fill the corners with the windows' sill by hanging.

White Orchids


This amazing white flower of all times is a white orchid and can never go wrong to be an indoor plant in the corner of the room. Large and striking flowers symbolize beauty, purity and humility and good wishes.

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