7 Easy Ways to Make Peace Lilies Bloom

7 Easy Ways to Make Peace Lilies Bloom

Homiful.com -- If you are a lover of peace lilies and want regular and timely growth of flowers. But sometimes it's all hindered due to some factors that hinder the silencing at the right time. No need to worry, you can see some detailed article list below to help your peace lilies grow in bloom in time.

 How lilies can look


To grow, lilies with a large white bract that is often mistaken if it is a flower. Though the flowers are long pollen stalks at the end with a white bract that makes the plant look special. This plant will bloom in the summer and warm spring will bloom all year round.

Peace lilies plant inhibitor blooms


The important thing to note to take care of all plants is about their lighting. Sunlight is an important point that you cannot miss in a single day. It takes a warm temperature of more than 15 - 30 Celsius to get the perfect bract.

In addition, excessive watering can also inhibit plants from blooming in a timely manner.

Maintain root bound


In order for peace lilies to produce flowers that can last more than a month, maintaining root bounds with anchovies will encourage flowering that forms white bract that grow rather than spreading the roots.

Avoid chlorine in water


Peace lily does not like contaminated water such as fluoride and chlorine, which can cause discoloration of the leaves to brown. You can replace it to water rainwater for better growth.

Choose mature plants and the right variety


To make the flowering of lilies easy and last long, make sure you get plants that are 1 -2 years old. This method will create consistent inflorescence.

In addition to mature plants, choose the right plant varieties such as 'Petite, 'Connie, 'Tye Pride, 'Little angle and Viscount which are popular for their good blooms.

Give the right nutrition and not too much


Ornamental plant fertilizers can also promote flowering in peace lilies. You can make a mixture that has been dissolved in water in a ratio of 20 -20 -20 every 3 - 5 weeks. If you find a slightly green leaf hues, it's a sign of excessive fertilizer.

Make sure to provide the right moisture


Peace lilies love high humidity to promote fuller leaf and flower growth. You can spray the plant with warm water that you can turn on the surrounding humidifier. Place the pot on a plate filled with gravel and half the water also works.

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