7 Cozy Balcony Ideas and Decor Inspiration

Homiful.com -- A balcony and even a small balcony can be the perfect outdoor place for you. The balcony has many potential design that can be applied to it. Don't just put the seat down. Maximize it by decorating it in the style you like. From tropical decorations, thematic or seasonal decorations and other. That way, the balcony will become a place or a valuable asset in your home or small apartment. 

Get ready to make your balcony a perfect outdoor relaxing space! Here are 7 Cozy Balcony Ideas and Decor Inspiration.


Colorful balcony design ideas


Have a small and narrow balcony? Don't be discouraged! Your little balcony can be the brightest and freshest outdoor space. Fill the balcony with a variety of plants and succulents. Choose pots in bright colors of yellow, pink and blue. Especially, if you plant flowering plants, this will be a beautiful flower garden-style balcony. Just put a soft grass carpet with sitting cushions and a small table to relax in this place. 

Bring many throws


If you like a balcony that feels warm to spend a good night, this balcony is a suitable design for that. This balcony slightly carries the Boho style with many throw and soft furniture placed. The warm atmosphere, is increasingly felt with the dim lights installed around the balcony. 

Adding shade cloth


Your balcony may already have a roof, but that doesn't mean it will be a perfectly shaded. For a sun-facing house or apartment, the balcony can be too bright and hot. As a trick, add some shade around the balcony seating. This fabric is installed from exposed brick walls, ceiling and balcony railings. At least, you can sit back on the balcony without feeling dazzled.

Surround the balcony with flowers


You maybe not be able to carry lots of furniture on a small balcony. However, there is always room for beautiful flowers. Install a railing planter for flowers, use unique pots to plant fresh flowers in the balcony area. These flowers will make your day more colorful. 

Bring many plants


Pack your balcony with plants as many as you can. Make the balcony a special place to take care of your home plant collection. Use the balcony walls for you to grow vines an hang ethnic decorations. If necessary, install a wooden board to hang more potted plants and decoration that brighten up the balcony. 

Pick an egg chair


Make your balcony have a fun holiday vibe. You can put an egg chair. This chair can create a relaxed atmosphere. Fill it with some floor and wall decorations. For example, floor pillows, a smooth rug and others. 

Light it up


Lighting sets the mood on the balcony. Adequate lighting will allow you to enjoy a pleasant evening on the balcony. You can use a variety of lighting. From lantern, pendant light or chandeliers, table lamps to string lights that give a warm and cozy atmosphere. Night on the balcony won't be cold and boring anymore. 

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