7 Charming Pathways to Make Your Garden The Best In The Neighborhood

Homiful.com -- If you plan to create a garden, also consider an attractive pathway design for it. The pathway is an exterior feature of the house that has a dual function. In addition to beautifying the yard, the path also protects the plants in the yard. You don't have to worry about steeping on manicured grass or stepping on muddy ground. Because, these are routers or paths you can while in the garden. 

To give you more ideas about pathways, here are 7 Charming Pathways to Make Your Garden The Best In The Neighborhood.

Pathway in the middle of the lawn


Too bad, well-maintained grass has to be stepped on. Create a permanent path in the middle of the lawn. You can make a wavy path design to give dynamics to the garden. You can install special acupuncture stones on the surface of the path, so this path can also be a medium for foot reflection without using footwear. 

Small pathway on the small garden


Who said a small garden has no right to have a path? Feel free to make a path in the garden. You can make a simple path that is lined symmetrically like this. This path is a natural light brown color that looks a beautiful contrast to the white rocks bed underneath. 

Combo of white pebbles and solid stones


The path can also be a link between the back garden and the front yard of the house. You can make a simple, but interesting path like this one. With a combo of white pebbles and solid stones that looks natural and gives a cool impression. Make sure to choose a footing that is not slippery when exposed to rain. 

Steeping stones with dim lights


Stepping stones using blue stone steppers can be a great choice even for narrow and elongated gardens. The shape of the stepping stones is not symmetrical round and does not exactly match each other. This will make the pathways look more unique. The addition of dim lights that highlight the stepping stones at night make this path even more interesting. 

Unique pavers for charming pathways


There are many types of materials for pathways. One of them, you can use a blue stone paver or the like, to provide a more natural garden path or steeping stones. Choose a pavers fragments pattern like this one t make the garden more dynamic. Plant some flowers around the path, so it doesn't get stiff. 

Stunning pathway design


Choose the best pathways design for the garden. If you have a large garden, surely, you need large pathways too. Create winding paths to make it unique. The path surface can be made with a variety of concrete or flagstone shapes that will make this pathway so stunning. 

Concrete paver for durable pathways


Walkways from concrete paving are the most popular designs. A walkway like this offers durability and an attractive appearance. Suitable for a variety of gardens with any home style. Making this path with a slight curve will also give the flexibility to the garden.

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