7 Best Indoor Trees that Actually Thrive in Low Light

7 Best Indoor Trees that Actually Thrive in Low Light

Homiful.com -- Having a large enough room in the house, you can make a consideration to put ornamental plants in the room to create a peaceful atmosphere and a more refreshing impression. The problem is that not all plants like a room that is  dim and lack of light. Then what plants do not need dominant light and can grow indoors? You can see the list of plant in the following review:

Dracaena Marginata


The first plant is Dracaena Marginata which is commonly known as Madagascar tree plant. Good plants are an option for growing indoors that can reach a height of 10 to 15 feet at the right temperature. This plant is also known as tricolor, which in low light with narrow green foliage and striped.

Ear Plant/Colocasia


Colocasi or elephant ear is a from the araceace family that has quite a lot of species. This plant can grow indoors with the shape of leaves, larger stems. Heart shaped leaves with thin arches on the edges make the details interesting to fill the room in the house.



Pinophyta is a plant that spreads in temperate climates with narrow coniferous leaves and easily adapts to low temperatures. Has many species and generally grows in the cool mountains. But if it is lowered into the room, you can provide appropriate lighting, humidity and watering.

Ficus Lyrata


This ficus lyrata or viola has a larger size from the leaves to its height as it grows. This plant can reach a height of up to 50 feet outdoors until it can reach the ceiling of the room in the house. You will probably want to have more than one plant to place in the room.



The next tropical plant is caryota or fishtail that can grow indoors as an ornamental plant. This fishtailed palm tree can produce male and female flowers in the same plant. It can grow to a height of up to 20 feet so that any specimen will exceed the room in the house. This plant can create a tropical impression in the room and will be refreshing.

Palm tree


Palm trees are a family known and known to be tropical plants that are grown in many homes. Most of these plants  grow in tropical and subtropical regions, which becomes one of the indoor plants with young are.

Ficus Elastica


Rubber plants with the name ficus elastica are also included, plants that are easy to grow indoors. Shiny leaves measuring 8 to 12 inches have a varied and variegated color. This plant can reach a height of up to 12 feet indoors.

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