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Homiful.com -- One of the best ways to fill empty vertical space is to hang plants in your room. Hanging plants will be a refreshing decorative element. No only in terms of appearance, but also gives a fresh atmosphere to the room in your house. However, you must know. There are some plants that are suitable and not suitable for hanging. To help you, we have provided an interesting review of 7 Best Hanging Plants for Every Room of Your House.

String of teardrops


You may call this plant as string of teardrop or a Senecio Herreainus. This plant prefer live in partial shade with indirect bright light. You can place this trailing succulent in a west-facing or easy-facing sunny window. The beautiful strands of the hanging basket will provide a stunning visual. 

Monkey's Tail Cactus


At first glance, this plant will remind you of a monkey tail, as the name suggest monkey tail cactus. This is a type of cactus (Clestocactus coladeomonis) with a long and tiered shape, and white spines covering the entire stem. The cascading long shape is perfect for you to make it a hanging plant. It perfect for hanging patio plants, as the patio receive lots of bright, indirect sunlight.

Red Rhipsalir


Red rhipsalis is an epiphytic cactus that have a trailing growth. The thing that catches the eye is the red and green colors, which give a freshly on fire visual. The plant produces pinkish or white flowers, followed by small berry bushes on the sides of the stems. 

Spider Plant


You probably already know that spider plants are a great houseplant to hang. This plant has small foliage that looks lush, perfect for hanging pots. Moreover, if the spider plant produces cut baby or plantets that make it look so good in a vertical space. 

Mistletoe Cactus


Rhipsalis bacciera known as mistletoe cactus. It looks like a cascading waterfall on your vertical space. It is a tropical succulent plant native to the rainforest of warm areas, such as Florida, Brazil and Mexico. Give this plant plenty of bright, indirect light. That's why, you can place it near the window of your house. 

Tillandisia and Spanish moss


You can arrange hanging plants that are more than usual. Try experimenting with hanging plant styles like this one. You can grow tillandisia and Spanish moss in mossy soil. Using hanging pots like shells can be an expensive piece of visual art in your home.

Hoya Krimson Princess


Hoya Krimson Princess is a great greenery as a hanging plant. This plant has leaves with a variety of colors, range from dark green, light green and bright green. This plant is also great for you to hang on a macrame string in a white pot like this one. 

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