Yes, Trees can Boost Your Property Value-Here are 7 Varieties to Consider -- Did you know that house with tress are generally more desirable than houses without trees. Property value can increase by about 7%. This is according to social scientist Kathleen Wolf for Aborist News entitled City Trees and Property Values. The choice of trees that can increase property values can differ from one area to another. Depends on where you live. 

In the following, we bring some trees that can increase the value of the property. Here are 7 Varieties to Consider.

 American Linden Tree

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According to Home&Garden, if you live in a cooler climate, you can grow linden tress. This tree is also known as Basswood. American Linden tree has fragrant flowers and small fruit that birds love. This tree can also be a shade and a thing to beautify a landscape garden. 

Palm Tree


On the other hand, if you live in a warm area, choose palm trees. Palm trees can provide visuals and a refreshing tropical vibe. The palm tree has a slick shape with unique leaves that makes even a small corner garden look so fabulous. You can dress up the palm tree with shrubs and lighting to make it so exotic. 

Northern Red Oak Tree

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Another trees that boost your property value. The Northern Red Oak tree is native to North American and southeast and south-central Canada. Its reddish leaves make this tree so unique and beautiful. It is great for protective shade and decreased energy needs. 

Sugar Maple


Sugar maple is a tree that has a magic effect. During the fall season, its orange-red leaves looks like fire in the yard, in a good way of course. This is one tree that can increase your home curb appeal. 

Frangipani Trees


Present an exotic blossoms and tropical beauty by planting frangipani tress. In a warm zone, this tree can produce beautiful flowers with a very fragrant scent. You can get a leafy atmosphere outside the house, and a calming fragrance. 

Magnolia Tree

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If you live in a warm area, imagine, you have this beauty tree in your yard. You'll get a stunning yard. Magnolia tree produce large fragrant flowers, which looks so pretty when it blooms. 

Citrus Tree

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Trees that can increase property values, one of which is a tree that grows fruit. The citrus tree is an example. Luckily, if you live in an area that allows citrus tress to grow and bear fruit. This will be a fun nature entertainment. 

Yes, Trees can Boost Your Property Value-Here are 7 Varieties to Consider. If you can grow one of these trees, tell us your experience with us!

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