TOP 7 Dazzling Dark Plant at Home

TOP 7 Dazzling Dark Plant at Home -- The selection of plants with the right leaves will have a big impact on your room at home. With a bold and attractive look, will provide very charming visuals and looks dazzling. Plants with dark leaves will make the room more dramatic, contrast and provide a more impressive atmosphere. Some details of such plants are as follows:

ZZ Black Raven


This plant is unique with glossy leaves of dark color that partially grow with bright green leaves. This plant belongs to the care of the young, with a waxy layer on the leaves. Good vertical growing plants grow 2 -3 feet tall.

Anthurium Black Beauty


The dominant characteristics of this anthurium is one of the trunk of the tree which has a blackish red stature, as well as on the leaves. Like the wide ears, this plant has a slope of about 45 degrees up, which forms the letter V.

Alocasia Plumbea Nigra


Also included in the beautiful elephant ear plant. This Plumbea Nigra has dramatic large dark leaves. Shape the arrow and point towards the part of the sky as well as the wavy edges. The plant has metallic leaves with a beautiful luster, making the plant change color from dark green to purple with partial shade.

Ipomea Black


Next is Ipomea blac, which is also no less stunning than other types of dark leafy plants. The shape of the leaves is 5 strands, like the leaves of a tree kettle. From the leaves to the stems, this plant grows with a dazzling black color. It grows to a height of about 12 -14 this with good varieties for planting on window sills and hanging baskets.

Philodendron Friday - Philodendron Black Cardinal


There is no reason not to like dark plants. This plant is a must-have you have with a stunning charm with black color, grow beautifully with easy care. This types of Philodendron will looks shiny with an elegant black color.

Alocasia Silver Dragon


Another name of silver dragon alocasia is elephant ear silver dragon. It grows very fast in just a few weeks. This almost dark-looking plant has predominance of a dark silver color. With a widened leaf shape and shield shaped. Combines with the color of dark green leaf bones that further enhance the aesthetic values of this plant.

Jewel Orchids (Ludisia Discolor)


This black gem orchid is different from other types that deserve to be appreciated for its leaves rather than its flowers. Included in indoor plants with easy care, this plant will grow quickly. The leaves are black with root-like leaf bones that spread throughout the surface of the leaves.

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