Snake Plant Propagation | Easy Ways to Grow a Snake Plant

Snake Plant Propagation | Easy Ways to Grow a Snake Plant -- Snake plants are that are easy to grow by propagation or not. This plant is  widely found in the garden or interior of the house. It is known as an air purifying plant with the shape of tapered leaves like a powerful spear. To grow this plant is not difficult, especially for beginners, lovers of ornamental plants. Some ways to grow this snake plant, you can learn it in the interesting review below:

 Propagation snake plant with cuttings in water


The first way is very easy for anyone to  do. This plant is very good and tolerance to accept new situations when put in water. You can waste some tools such as knives or scissors to cut leaves with a shape V. But you  have to be patient to grow this plant into the water, maybe this takes quite a long time and takes about two months.

When the new roots appear, you can plant them into the cuttings of the soil immediately.

Spreading snake plants with cuttings on the ground


The second way that is also easy to propagation snake is with cuttings in  the ground. You need knives, scissors, pots and succulent soil mixtures. Cut the leaves by a few inches, and let stand for  a few days until heartless. This will help bacteria get into the leaves, which can cause decay. Then you can squeeze the pot  into the soil that has been dried properly. You can wait for the new roots to grow in about a month.

Propagation of snake plants by division


Propagation of snake plants can be carried out by division. This method is quite easy to do by separating one plant into two or more. Remove if from the pot and then place it on top of the newspaper. Check the roost carefully so as not  to break. After the division, you can move immediately into a pot with fresh soil. Prepare watering that does not exceed the limit so that the soil remains sufficiently wet.

Spreading snake plants with rhizomes


The last way to multiply snake plants is  by rhizomes. Rhizomes that are stems grow underground and flatten as snake plants. The rhizomes will decompose new shoots called pups. Pay attention and wait for the growth of new roots to appear, so as not to damage the surrounding roots. You can cut the rhizomes from the base of the plants.

The best conditions for the propagation of snake plants

During the process of propagation of snake plants, not everything is successful. Even when planting in the best way, you can lose cuttings for no reason that is not very well known. However, there are opportunities for ways to cure this snake plant to succeed, such as:

- Bright and indirect light
- The right container
- The need to clean tools and equipment regularly
- Using the right soil medium and the appropriate amount of water

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