Simplicity Plant Beautiful to Look | Plants Grow for Beginner

7 Simplicity Plant Beautiful to Look | Plants Grow for Beginner -- Ornamental plants are the best decorations that you can make additional collections into the room. Especially for you beginners lovers of ornamental plants, this plant has the power of erratic watering, labor lighting and even unstable humidity/

If you want to try gardening easily at home, some types of ornamental plants below will be an option. In addition to providing more benefits for the environment, the freshness of mind, soul and mind you can enjoy throughout the day. Enjoy the beauty of the interesting ornamental plants below:


Spider plant

The first plant that is very suitable for beginners with easy care is the spider plant. It grows well as a hanging plant or is placed in a basket. The shape of this squeaky leaves is very beautiful when it has grown mature and bushy. With easy care, this plant is classified as very easy in terms of lighting, water, light to temperature.

Croton gold star

Of the many types of croton, one that has a beautiful look with easy care is a gold star croton. The need for warm temperature, calm light and high humidity levels will make the croton grow as high as 8 feet outdoors.

Snake plants

It is a legendary plant that  is liked by many people. Belongs to the Dracaena family, this snake plant is very tough to place indoors or outdoors. I like a lot of light so that it can overcome the hot temperature outside the room. When you want repotting, you can move it into a container that is larger, so that the growth of this plant will be easily developed and fertile.


Besides being beautiful to be a home decor because of the color and motifs of various leaves. Aglaonema is also included in ornamental plants whose care is easy. With many varieties, aglaonema is often nicknamed the queen of leaves and belongs to the evergreen Chinese family. Tolerance to light and its growth is very rapid if placed in brightest.


The next vine suitable for lovers of ornamental plants is syngonium. Although this plant grow wild outdoors, it is easy for you to move into a pot by growing vines. Easy treatment, this plant requires humid conditions with regular fertilization every month.

Pothos plant

The last is the pothos plant. Plants that are easy care with easy growth are very much an option for beginners lover of ornamental plants. Plants that grow vines with leaves of dark green heart shape are very suitable for the interior of the room. Even with minimal light, this plant is easy to grow.

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