Simpleness Easy Ways to Propagate Snake Plants

Simpleness Easy Ways to Propagate Snake Plants -- The nature of snake plant care is very  easy to try by lovers of ornamental plants, even beginners, Almost the condition of the room or outdoors is very suitable to be a place for the growth of this ornamental plant. For those of you who want to increase its growth, you can choose water media or land media, that is easy. Some types of these plants can grow with propagation, which is very good for home interior. Read more about plant propagation below:

Basic care of snake plants


It's one of the important things you need to know. Review plants are very flexible to light and moisture levels, but are quite difficult in the amount of water obtained. Plants that thrive in small pots and dense rhizomes haves a small chance of disease problems. Do not need to be nurtured, but you can provide dilution of food for once during the growing season. With so many benefits, you can spread more snake plants and share them with neighbors around.

Learn the propagation of snake plants


To spread the snake plant is quite easy. Too much water will kill the plant, but eradicating snake plant with water is a very precise and easy method. Start with cuttings you can do as well. But with this  method of water it is the fastest to grow new roots.

Rooting snake plants


Use a tall container to hold the leaves of the snake plant. The first start from the selection of leaves with a green is not so old and healthy. Use a gun or knife to cut it. You can put the end of the crop that has been cut into a water container and change the water several times a week.

Propagate snake plants by cuttings


It is different when you use water methods to propagate snake plants. With this cutting method, you only let the leaf callus cut for a few days, which you can then put in moist sand or in a container. Make sure you wait for a few weeks for the roots to grow on their own.

Propagate snake plants from the division


Snake plants grow from thick underground organs, commonly called rhizomes. In this division was, you can do it easily, pull the plant from the pot using scissors into several pieces. You can plant it around the fence of the house with potting media or directly on the ground.

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