Roof Garden Ideas: 7 Smart Ideas to Maximize Your Space

Roof Garden Ideas: 7 Smart Ideas to Maximize Your Space -- Having a small garden is your good luck, even though it is small and a patch of outdoor area, the existence of a small garden will provide a variety of benefits, especially for mental health and comfort. Problems that often occur when designing a small garden are not only in size, but in terms of design, design to what needs to be needed when starting changes to a small outdoor garden. You can start with the careful idea that will be presented in the review below:

Create an open desing with the concept of vertical garden


Design with an open concept using ornamental plants neatly arranged on the shelves neatly. Neat arrangement you can start with the use of clay pots and open areas using large spaces that can be a relaxing place.

Make the roof garden more privacy


The next idea, you can reapply for a small garden size. For example, with the update of ornamental plants that are neatly arranged using pots that are directly placed on the floor. Choose the type of flowering ornamental plants or, other plants such as lavender or lilies that will bloom throughout the season. This variety of flowers will make the roof garden more colorful and passionate.

Create an embankment as a seat


Creating a new idea for a roof garden at a small size is not so difficult. With a new style that is more modern, this kind of design can be one of the consideration. For example, with the presence of embankments around the railing of the roof garden, combined with small trees such as Calathea for barriers. Synthetic grass beds can perfectly envelop the roof area and beautiful details.

Fix the corner of the  roof garden


When you come to the roof garden and want to update all its looks. You can prioritize the corner area first, which is generally often overlooked. Use some beautiful accents such as glass railings, shrub plants or small trees to create the impression of shade around it. With an attractive corner of the roof garden, this will enhance the overall and better look.

Add a complete furniture


The roof garden does not always have to be filled with plants and create a lush atmosphere around it. Adapting the new style by using a variety of furniture choices, you can adjust furniture with the concept of the roof garden used. For example, just as a relaxing area, you can use a sectional model of a sofa that can be a gathering place for a group. That way, you can adjust the furniture to the style, theme of the roof garden that you will make.

Full center for the roof  garden 


In contrast to the previous design, the design of the roof garden this time is centered directly on the place of the family garden. The concept of a green house is made to utilize each side of the roof garden by using long containers filled with various vegetable plants. You can add a relaxing spot that is covered to store all plant fertilizer or other garden tools.

Make a sustainable idea


The last idea for a roof garden that you can apply to a small land is to use a sustainable concept. This idea you can directly as a garden or relaxing spot. Using a container model of an elongated wooden material with almost the same details between the floors in the area.

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