How to Grow Coleus Plants Lushly

How to Grow Coleus Plants Lushly -- As an ornamental plant, coleus have their own uniqueness that can be characterized by the color of the leaves and also the unique shape of the leaves. With low care, this coleus plant will be very appropriate to be used as an ornamental plant that lies into the garden in the summer. Although generally tolerant to shade, some other varieties will thrive in the sun. To grow this plant lushly and like other plants, check out some of the following best reviews:

How to sharpen coleus in the house


The first thing you can do to grow this plant is to star from the seeds that have been left for 10 weeks. Choose a place that is protected from the wind, because the stems of this plant are easily broken. You can water the plant thoroughly after planting. Keep the root ball moist so that it is not too wet.

Coleus growth


After growing, you can water the dry part of the soil. Give fertilizer in the middle of growth to form a denser bush. In the summer, cut flower spikes to extend the life of the plant.

No pests or diseases


When you have coleus, you can be sure what pests to look out for. For example, aphids, white lice and white aphids. Be sure to avoid stem rot, root rot that occurs because the soil is too wet.

Coleus plant care

- Moist soil, rich in nutrients to dry well
- Watering is carried out twice a day during hot weather
- The temperature and humidity of the soil need to be adjusted during winter or heat
- Coleus fertilization can be done in a balanced manner at a certain time or once very 2 weeks

Recommended varieties


When you want to plant coleus at home, some types you can make choices, namely:

Coleus in semi-shaded areas

- 'Brilliancy', that has bright red leaves with green toothed edges
- 'Stocking Jala', with lime green leaf color and dark purple veins
- Compact Mardi Gras with red, green and yellow leaves
- The last is a Japanese Giant with large burgundy leaves pink and purple highlights


Coleus in areas of partial to full sunlight
- Pineapple with bright lime golden leaves and burgundy stems
- Solar shadow that has a green leaf color with edges and dark red toothed tips
- Alabama's sunset with brick-red leaves and yellow edges

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