How to Grow and Care for Peace Lily As Houseplant 2022 -- Peace lily is a plant that has the botanical name spathiphyllum wallisii which is synonymous with freshness in its leaves and white flowers that appear beautifully. This plant comes from Central America, which can grow in humid and warm temperatures. You can have it with easy maintenance. For those of you who are interested, see the following article about How to Grow and Care for Peace Lily Plants 2022.

Planting media selection


The first thing you can do when you are going to grow a peace lily is pay attention to the planting medium. You should know that this plant lives in humidity. So, a soil mixture that locks in moisture will be right for planting this peace lily.



Regarding watering, this peace lily is quite tolerant of drought. However, the most ideal thing you can do is to water it before the soil dries. However, don't water it too much because it is the same as other ornamental plants that will rot when too much watering. The addition of plant-based liquid foods will be something you can do in the spring and summer.



Another treatment that is no less important is repotting. Moving the peace lily will become a routine that you must do when the plant grows. Because if you don't move it immediately, the peace lily will mark it with wilted leaves even if you have the right watering. If the sign appears, you can check the peace lily roots and remove them immediately if the roots have grown more.



Furthermore, regarding lighting, peace lilies that come from warm and humid environments, will like indirect sunlight. Too much lighting will make the leaves dry and unhealthy. Usually, the peace lily is used as a decoration in the room and bathroom.

Leaf care


Another treatment that you can do is to make sure the leaves are free of dust so that they can photosynthesize optimally. Fertilization is also not very intensely needed on this peace lily, except in spring and summer, you can apply fertilizer every 6 weeks. The temperature that you can use for this plant ranges from 16-21 degrees Celsius.

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