Grow Jade Succulent Plants in Water

Grow Jade Succulent Plants in Water -- One of the most famous succulents is the jade plant, or known as Crassula Ovata. Find out how to grow plants by propagation that you can do yourself in home. This plant can adapt well in warm and dry conditions that are partly easily grown at home. In an effort to grow it, you can listen to a little of the following reviews:

Spreading jade plants by water propagation methods


To propagation jade plants, the stems cuttings method is often used because it is the easiest way and the chances of success are quite high. Especially if you do large, healthier stem cuttings.

To do so, check out this review


First, you can cut a large rod with a knife or scissors that has been sterile. At least choose a bar that has two segments.


Let the cut stems dry in a clean place to from a callus. This allows reducing root decay. Then, you can soak this plant in a clear jar that has been filled clean and filtered.


Use a toothpick to resist the cutting, and make sure the leaves don't get wet. You can place plants in locations that get less bright sunlight to prevent their leaves or roots from burning.


Replace the water in a container about once every two weeks, unless the root emerges from the stem within 4- 5 weeks. After that, you can move it into the ground or stay in the water using a large container.

Some conditions for growing jade plants in the water


- Lighting is important at least 3  4 hours once a day or place it near the window.

- The second is water, water quality is also significant when planting jade plants in the water. Use rainwater or water that has been filtered RO. If using tap water, end it for one night only.

- The best temperature is during the day around 65 - 80 F or 18 - 27 C. For the night, which is 13 C.

- Also use fertilizer looking for a balanced about a drop that has been routinely given during the change of water.


To store jade plants that grow in water, you can place them in glass vases or jars. Place in a room such as a dining table, middle table to the work area, even in the kitchen.

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