Best Low-Light Plant for Your Home -- Placing plants in the house will beautify your home. Even so, not all house spots can make plants grow healthy. This is because the light factor is not received enough by the plant. 

Sunlight is an important aspect for plant life. If you want to place plants in a living room or bedroom that is not exposed to direct sunlight, you better adjust the type of plant that is right for low-light conditions. What are those? Find the answer in 6 Best Low-Light  Plant for Your Home

Ponytail palm


The ponytail palm has an adorable look. With the shape of leaves like human hair after waking up. This lovely plant prefers bright, indirect light, but, ponytail palm can survive in a lower-light spot. However, this plant will grow more slowly in low-light conditions. 



Ivy is a low-maintenance plant, and it is a great plant for a beginner. Beautiful vines grow, you can place them in hanging pots or let it creep beautifully on trellis. Ivy can grow well in low light, too. Water them when 2 inches of soil is completely dry. 

Nerve Plant


Nerve plant or Fittonia will make a stunning statement in any living space. The mosaic pattern gives a beautiful look. They are small, it can grow from 6 to 12 inches. So, you can place them in windowsills or small corner of your work-table. Too much sunlight will fade the leaves. Keep the nerve plant out of direct sunlight. 

Arrowhead plant


Arrowhead plant is a must-have plant for your darker rooms. Arrowhead plant or syngonium tolerates low light. The direct sun will burn their leaves. This plant has unusual leaf shape, with a shape resembling an arrowhead with bright green color. The plant will enhance the visual appealing in any spot of your home.

Lucky Bamboo


Lucky bamboo plants are famous for their benefits and positive sides. This plant believed to give positive energy to the house. You can even grow them in water. This plant likes indirect light, and survive even in low light conditions. It's just that this plant can thrive and grow fast in moderate, indirect sunlight. 

Cast Iron Plant


Aspidistra elatior or the cast-iron plant earned a reputation as hard-to-die plant. The dark-green, though, and glossy leaves are also the main attraction of cast-iron plants. This plant is the best choice for places with low light conditions. 

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