Alocasia Houseplant Care Guide for 2022 - Know and popular with their distinctive and stunning foliage, Alocasia suitable as houseplant and decorate your home. Alocasia is one of several plants known as an elephant ear. Here are Alocasia Houseplant Care Guide for 2022. Let's check it out!



Alocasia plant can adaptable with light in low to bright indirect. Light that the plant receives will dictate how quickly Alocasia grows. If you want Alocasia to grow large leaves, make sure the plant in a spot where it can receive plenty of bright indirect light.

You can bring Alocasia at outdoors in the warmer months, then make sure to place it in a spot that receives partial shade. Direct sunlight will burn the leaves.



To be known, Alocasia have medium water requirements. Alocasia like to partially dry out between watering, but they definitely don't like to be soggy. You can water the Alocasia when the top couple of inches of the soil are dry.



If you put the Alocasia plants at indoor, it will be fine in the temperature above 60 degrees. Or bring the Alocasia to outdoor like patio during the warmer months, then make sure to bring it back inside well before the temperatures begin to drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Avoid placing Alocasia near an exterior door, windowsill, or in front of and air conditioning or heating vent.



By placing Alocasia at high humidity can make thrive with nicely. If you live in a drier climate or just don't have and area with enough humidity, then consider using a humidifier or a pebble tray with water.



Routine fertilizing can push out new growth for the plants. Alocasia can apply for diluted complete liquid fertilizer, a fish/seaweed emulsion, or a slow release fertilizer. It's not necessary to feed an Alocasia if the plant is dormant.

Growing Media


Besides use as houseplant, Alocasia can make your home look pretty and fresh atmosphere. Mostly, plant growing with soil for the media. But, you can try to use water as media to growing Alocasia plants.

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